Automated Data Importing, Analysis, and Reporting

Lumetics LINK™ is the flexible and fast solution for data management and analysis in multi-instrument, multi-vendor laboratories. LINK is compatible with over 60 instruments and provides a single application solution for scientists in drug discovery, process/formulation development, drug product development, Quality Control, clinical and pre-clinical research. Talk to us about your application today!

How Does LINK Work?

Lumetics LINK™ is the single solution to managing data produced by multi-instrument laboratories. LINK uses automation to replace custom spreadsheet applications for the complex process of data transfer, analysis and reporting – all within a single domain. LINK is compatible with over 60 different analytical instruments and stores output data (parameters, curves, and images) in a centralized database, easily accessed by multiple users across an organization. LINK’s dynamic analytical suite will aggregate data, provide visualization tools to suit your specific needs, and easily integrate into your local or global IT environment. LINK supports up to 5000 discrete measurements spanning multiple analytical techniques in a single analysis. User-customized analysis templates deliver rapid and error-free data visualization, analysis, and reporting. Completed reports may be locked and permanently stored within LINK or exported in a wide range of convenient formats including PDF, Word, and Excel.

LINK will save you time by eliminating manual aspects of data transfer from instrument measurement files, aggregation of multiple measurements, and comparison of complementary and orthogonal techniques. LINK provides a convenient storage solution for both raw and processed measurement data, while employing highly effective data compression algorithms that result in a low memory footprint. LINK is 21CFR Part11 compliant and IQOQ services are available for GMP applications. As a data parsing and processing engine, LINK is also a strong complement to existing ELNs or LIMS.

The LINK platform is a critical element in today’s advanced laboratories and operates in three simple steps;

With Lumetics LINK™ software scientists can import, store, manipulate, visualize, and analyze data from multiple analytical instrumentation


• Interface to multiple instruments & applications
• Measurement curves & instrument calculations
• On demand or scheduled

With Lumetics LINK™ software scientists can import, store, manipulate, visualize, and analyze data from multiple analytical instrumentation


• Aggregation/overlay of multiple techniques
• Complete suite of visualization tools
• Creation & sharing of analysis templates

With Lumetics LINK™ software scientists can import, store, manipulate, visualize, and analyze data from multiple analytical instrumentation


• Single-click report generation
• Fully customized Word reports
• Word, PDF, and PNG export options

The LINK Advantage
Time Savings
The LINK Advantage: Time Savings
  • No manual transcription of data
  • No manual manipulation of numerous files/formats in Excel
  • Instant report generation
  • Single-click report generation
Improved Analysis
The LINK Advantage: Improved Analysis
  • Comprehensive; inclusive of all characterization, optimization, monitoring factors
  • Less manual transcription = fewer errors
  • Wide range of orthogonal, complementary and disparate measurement techniques
All-In-One Solution
The LINK Advantage: All in one solution
  • Wide range of instruments, techniques and applications
  • Applicable to scientists in many areas
  • Complementary to LIMS and ELN systems
  • 21CFR Part 11 Compliant
The LINK Advantage: Scalable
  • Single user or worldwide data repository, analysis and reporting engine
  • Applicable to all characterization and control instrumentation
  • Interface to existing ELN or LIMS as necessary
Many Instruments ⁠— One Solution 

LINK imports measurements from a wide range of instruments and techniques to a single analysis. This delivers significant time savings in terms of data extraction, aggregation, and analysis. LINK’s powerful data import engine supports all commonly used instruments, Excel Spreadsheets and analytical techniques, including:

  • Flow Microscopy – FlowCAM, MFI

  • Raman / LIBS – Hound, Morphologi G3

  • Static Imaging – Eyecon, HORIZON, Keyence VHX

  • NTA – NanoSight

  • RMM – Archimedes

  • THC – xSight

  • DLS – DynaPro, Litesizer, Zetasizer, Uncle

  • LO – AccuSizer SPOS, HIAC, Klotz, PAMAS

  • Electrozone – MultiSizer, Spectradyne nCS1

  • SLS – MasterSizer

  • Electrophoresis – LabChip, iCE2/3 (via Empower), Maurice

  • HPLC – AKTA, ASTRA SEC-MALS, OpenLAB/ChemStation, Empower

  • Circular Dichroism (CD) – Chirascan, JASCO

  • UV-VIS – Agilent 8453, Shimadzhu, SpectraMax, Trinean, Varioskan

  • TXRF Spectroscopy – S2 PICOFOX

  • Slope Spectroscopy – SoloVPE

  • FTIR Spectroscopy – Antaris, Bruker FT-IR

  • DSC/DSF – MicroCal (Origin & PEAQ), TA Instruments, Uncle

  • NanoDSF – Prometheus

  • qPCR – CFX96 Touch

  • Lyophilizer – LyoStar (TDLAS, RGA, FLIR), Millrock

  • Viscometers – m-VROC, VROC initium

  • Nephelometers – NEPHELOstar

  • Dissolution Profiles – AuPRO

  • External Database Systems – LEA

  • Excel Data – Lumetics Excel Worksheet Template

* If your instrument is not listed, please contact Lumetics to discuss your application. We are constantly adding new instruments and applications to our growing portfolio!

LINK Options & Services
Machine Learning Service
  • The LINK platform supports particle classification based on machine learning methods
  • LINK will interface with Machine Learning TensorFlow server for automated application of machine learning models
View Machine Learning Brochure
  • The Lumetics LINK software license may be configured to allow the programmatic control of data acquisition, processing, and export to other platforms
  • View the API application note to view examples of the LINK API functionality
View API Application Note
LINK Training
  • A Lumetics expert can assist in any area relating to use of LINK, including direct assistance developing import methods, analysis templates, and Word reports
  • Remote training sessions are available anytime on any topic of interest and are free of charge!
Contact Lumetics for Training
License Structure
  • One or more annual license subscriptions are required to connect to the LINK server for the purposes of importing, analyzing, and exporting data
  • A license structure may support all or only specific instruments/analytical techniques
View License Structure

Please contact Lumetics to discuss your application and learn more about the Lumetics LINK™ options & services.

LINK Workflow & Overview Video
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