Lumetics LINK Data Management and Analysis Platform

Lumetics LINK™ was designed specifically for biopharmaceutical scientists. LINK automates and simplifies the complex and time-consuming process of data capture, data analysis and data management from multiple sources (i.e. instruments and applications). LINK’s unique data importation engine automatically captures data from a wide range of analytical instruments and applications. Scientists can then apply LINK’s rich and powerful analytical suite to manipulate, visualize, analyze and export the data and resulting reports. This ability to easily aggregate experimental results from a variety of sources simplifies the subsequent analysis and delivers significant time-savings and new insights while eliminating customized spreadsheet development.

The single interface provided by LINK overcomes the limitations and inconsistencies of data produced by instruments from multiple vendors. Scientists can add additional sample or process information to the original instrument data as necessary. Performance parameters from the source measurements can also be incorporated to improve the analytical process and reports. A powerful data filtering interface means data-sets of interest can be quickly and easily isolated. User-customized Analysis Templates can be developed for rapid and consistent data visualization, analysis, and reporting.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Automated data transcription directly from analytical equipment measurement files, saving time and eliminating errors
  • Include additional product/process information for each sample for advanced optimization and anomaly troubleshooting.
  • Automatically aggregate and manipulate data from different source technologies, eliminating manual processing/formatting in customized spreadsheets
  • Apply custom Analysis Templates for fast, consistent analysis and reporting
  • Centralized storage and accessibility of measurement data at up to 1000X less memory consumption than native measurement files
  • Direct access to data via unlimited read-only licenses, .csv and .pdf exports, and database queries

Laboratory Instruments Supported:

A wide range of analytical instrumentation and applications are supported by LINK™. For a complete list or to discuss your requirements please Contact Us.