Lumetics LINK Professional Services

Importation of Historical Data

Lumetics LINK™ experts are available to import historical data from raw instrument data files, LIMS systems, ELNs, or other data management systems into the LINK database as required.

Customized Analysis Dashboards

Lumetics LINK™ is provided pre-loaded with Analysis Dashboards tailored to meet the needs of formulation and analytical scientists involved with particle analysis. The Lumetics LINK™ platform leverages the capabilities of Java and powerful web-based client/server architecture, as well as a wide range of charting options available through D3. Should there be specific analytical requirements or custom Dashboard configurations required, Lumetics LINK experts are available to work with your team.

New Analytical Instrument Support

Lumetics LINK™ is equipped to automatically parse and import data from a wide range of technologies, vendors, and instrument models. Should there be an additional instrument model you require to be added to the LINK platform, our software development team is available for contract development.

Training and Support

The Lumetics LINK platform includes installation, training, and access to our experts for ongoing technical support. In addition to this, onsite and remote training packages are available. Please Contact Us for additional details.

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