Lumetics customers are dispersed across several countries spanning multiple continents. Lumetics is helping biopharma scientists free their time and revolutionize the way they manage and analyze data. But don’t take our word for it — read the following testimonials from current customers to learn more about how they like using Lumetics LINK™.

“Your team has been a real pleasure to work with and we really appreciate all the work your teams have done for us. I work with very many vendors and none come close to your companies level of service.”

“Since many years here we have been working together with an excellent data management solution Lumetics company offers: Link software. This helps us tremendously to analyze mainly flow imaging data, but the software offers many other possibilities to work in a centralized data base with results generated from many different instruments.”

“The Lumetics software is an incredible time-saver”

“Just wanted to let you know your product and support are TOP NOTCH. Your responsiveness to the customer’s needs are excellent! In this industry its extremely difficult almost impossible to get changes turned around as quickly as your team does. You lead the industry in this respect and other companies should be more like Lumetics. Don’t change. I just wanted to make sure you know how much it is appreciated!”

“The Lumetics software has been great!  I was able to use it for the exact purpose for which I needed it.”

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