Lumetics is constantly working to improve the LINK experience! New features that increase LINK functionality, or features requested by current customers, are frequently implemented. The Gaussian fit calculation is one of these features.

LINK imports full-curve data sets directly from instrument data files and permits the overlay of multiple measurement series. It is sometimes useful to apply a Gaussian fit to measurement curve peaks for the purposes of calculating and reporting critical quality attributes. The LINK software will perform these Gaussian fits to one or more peaks of interest for each chart series. The Gaussian fit parameters produced include:

  • Mean
  • Standard Deviation
  • Peak Height
  • Peak Area
  • Relative Peak Area (%)

These parameters can be saved as metadata to the underlying measurements and utilized in other charts/tables/reports as required.

The example depicted above is a Line Chart from the LINK software plotting the particle size distribution data produced by the NanoSight instrument (by Malvern Panalytical). In this case, LINK will allow for the calculation and reporting of the particle concentration represented by any given population of sub-micron particles, as well as the percent of the total particle population it represents.

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