Have you ever needed to use a column chart to display multiple x-axis parameters at a single time? This is now possible the new LINK Multi-Factor Visualization feature!

By default, the LINK column chart dashboard displays any numeric LINKdb Field (Instrument or User-defined) against any other LINKdb Field. The x-axis is ordinal and may be text or numeric. In some cases, a user may want to create a column chart that shows more than one level of x-axis labels. Through appropriate arrangement of source data, LINK users can optionally apply split field values in the filter panel as x-axis labels, which correlates to “category” type (x) axes. This can be a very useful way of visualizing the response of a critical quality attribute to multiple formulation/process parameters. Not only does multi-factor visualization feature allow multiple x-axis parameters, but the column chart simultaneously supports additional y-axis series based on multiple particle counter size ranges (e.g. >=2, >=10).

Column Chart Multi-Factor Visualization

The example above from the LINK software displays MFI (Micro-Fluid Imaging) flow microscopy instrument split by sample name and grouped into sub-categories based on particle metadata (storage temperature, pH and injection type). Let LINK do your heavy lifting by automatically generating your difficult charts, tables, and graphs!

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