Eliminate Manual Manipulation & Processing of Laboratory Data with LINK

Lumetics LINK™ is a powerful database for aggregation, analysis, and reporting of sample datasets. With an extensive library of data parsers, LINK extracts data directly from a wide range of instrument data files and custom data sources. Talk to us about your application today!

Full Automation with LINK’s New Scheduled Report Generation

Automated reporting is the process of generating, regularly updating, and exporting reports. With the click of a button, manual data processing is replaced. LINK users can define and execute the following workflow as an automated LINK scheduled job:

  • Locate data sources on the network

  • Extract data and copy to the LINK database

  • Populate results sets with sample metadata

  • Perform custom calculations and operations

  • Apply comprehensive analysis templates

  • Generate customized Word/PDF reports

  • Manage optional signoff process

  • Store reports for viewing and download

Fast, Flexible, Convenient
Why Choose LINK

LINK is designed to manage & analyze datasets from 60+ instruments through to comprehensive report generation. LINK is utilized by the biggest biopharma companies around the world!

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Machine Learning

The LINK platform supports particle classification based on machine learning (ML) methods. LINK will interface with a ML TensorFlow server for automated application of ML models.

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Supported Instruments

LINK imports measurements from a wide range of analytical instruments & techniques to deliver significant time savings.

Instrument List

The LINK software license may be configured to allow the programmatic control of data acquisition, processing, reporting and export to other platforms.

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Customer Testimonials
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“I have been working closely with the Lumetics team for their LINK software services, must say this team is the best one can ask for! They are very dedicated, ever energetic, and ready for client needs. They listen to their clients and provide solutions accordingly. My experience with the application and vendor has been great so far and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solution related to data parsing, data analytics, reporting, and much more. The application is intuitive and easy to use. Right from installation to accommodating new use cases this team has been very easy to work with! I am looking forward to partnering for years to come and ensure more business needs are met! “

– Sireesha (AbbVie)

Lumetics Customer Testimonial

“Implemented Lumetics LINK analysis package in particle and lyophilization center of excellence, which allowed for consistent, fast, and more accurate report generation.”
– anonymous

Lumetics Customer Testimonial

“We have been working together for many years with an excellent data management solution Lumetics company offers: LINK software. This helps us tremendously to analyze mainly flow imaging data, but the software offers many other possibilities to work in a centralized database with results generated from many different instruments.” – anonymous

Lumetics Customer Testimonial

“The LINK product and support are TOP NOTCH. Your responsiveness to the customer’s needs are excellent! In this industry its extremely difficult almost impossible to get changes turned around as quickly as your team does.“
– anonymous