LINK – Redefining Data Analytics for Biopharma

Pharmaceutical scientists generate substantial amounts of data using a variety of instruments from different vendors. Managing, analyzing, comparing and summarizing these data sets is a critical, but complex and time-consuming process. With Lumetics LINK™, scientists easily import, store, manipulate, visualize, and analyze data from multiple instruments.

Fast, Flexible, Convenient

Why Choose LINK
  • LINK fully automates data extraction, processing and reporting
  • LINK is compatible with over 60 different analytical instruments
  • LINK is utilized by the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world
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Supported Instruments

LINK imports measurements from a wide range of analytical instruments & techniques to deliver significant time savings.

Analyze data with a click of a button!

Instrument List

This infographic will explore how the LINK platform operates & how LINK will help streamline the data management process.

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Customer Testimonials
Lumetics Customer Testimonial

“Your team has been a real pleasure to work with and we really appreciate all the work your teams have done for us. I work with very many vendors and none come close to your companies’ level of service.”

Lumetics Customer Testimonial

“We have been working together for many years with an excellent data management solution Lumetics company offers: Link software. This helps us tremendously to analyze mainly flow imaging data, but the software offers many other possibilities to work in a centralized database with results generated from many different instruments.”

Lumetics Customer Testimonial

“The LINK product and support are TOP NOTCH. Your responsiveness to the customer’s needs are excellent! In this industry its extremely difficult almost impossible to get changes turned around as quickly as your team does.“