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LINK was created as a tool for biopharma experts to address the battle of seamlessly analyzing data from many instruments. We know what is needed to streamline your process and are continuously designing for the future.

Lumetics LINK - Redefining Data Analytics for Biopharma

Lumetics is a privately-owned Canadian technology firm founded in 2012 and located in Ottawa, Ontario.

The company’s founders are experienced biopharma technology entrepreneurs who successfully developed an innovative particle imaging instrument which is now deployed throughout the biopharma industry. Following this successful venture, Lumetics was formed to address the urgent need for an analytical tool that accepts native data from a variety of sources (typically instruments from different vendors) and delivers a single, powerful data analysis and visualization environment.

Used extensively by formulation and process development scientists in pharma/biopharma, the company’s flagship product – LINK– delivers enormous benefits by automating the laborious process of data capture from a variety of instrument sources. And once the data is captured, LINK provides scientists with an unprecedented suite of analytical capabilities to analyze, compare, record, report and archive their results.

The Professional Services division of Lumetics is available to develop customized data management, analysis solutions, and customized implementation of the LINK platform.

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