Particle Classification & Analysis + Lumetics LINKTM

Lumetics experts provide support and training to our global clients. We provide supplementary downloadable material to help streamline your process. Let LINK do your heavy lifting!

How Can LINK Help With Particle Analysis?

LINK is the software solution for automated analytical data import, analysis, and reporting.  LINK scans network locations for new measurement files, extracts all useful data, and copies this data directly to a centralized database. The powerful analysis user-interface allows datasets to be aggregated, grouped, and visualized in the form of charts/tables/images. User-customizable analysis templates deliver rapid and error-free data visualization, with the ability to be replicated across many studies and shared within your organization.

All instrument settings and parameters calculated by the instrument software are copied to the LINK database, including full underlying raw data curves. Sample metadata may be easily assigned and incorporated within the analysis to integrate various product/process variables. LINK has been demonstrated to deliver time savings more than 90% and provide a highly affordable fully automated data management and analysis solution.

Common Particle Analysis Application Areas

LINK may be utilized to assist directly in the following Particle Analysis application areas:

  • Study Summaries

    • Formulation optimization studies
    • Stability studies
    • Orthogonal & complimentary technique comparisons & overlays
  • Advanced Analysis and Development

    • Particle classification (e.g. protein vs. silicone oil)
    • Morphological parameter filter development
    • SFactor filter development and application
  • QA / QC

    • System suitability test conformance/trending
    • USP 788/787 conformance/trending
    • Particulate investigations
Visualize your Particle Data with LINK

Tabular Summaries

Particle Analysis Tabular Summary 1
Particle Analysis Tabular Summary 2

Critical Quality Attribute vs. Sample Metadata

PA- Critical Quality Attribute vs. Sample Metadata

Multiple Critical Quality Attribute Visualization

PA- Multiple CQA Visualization

Multi-Factor Visualization 

PA- Multi-Factor Visualization

Raw Curve Data

PA- ‘Raw’ Curve Data

Complimentary Technique Comparisons

PA- Complimentary Technique Comparisons

Particle Images

Particle Images
Which Particle Analysis Systems Does LINK Support?

LINK currently supports multiple instruments specific to Particle Classification & Analysis:

  • Flow Microscopy – MFI, FlowCAM, iSpect DIA

  • Raman/LIBS – Hound, Morphologi G3

  • Static Imaging – HORIZON/Aura, Eyecon, Keyence VHX

  • Resonant Mass Measurement (RMM) – Archimedes

  • Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis – NanoSight

  • Dynamic Light Scattering – DynaPro, ZetaSizer, LiteSizer, Uncle

  • Light Obscuration – HIAC, PAMAS, Klotz, Accusizer SPOS, Bionter

  • SLS – Mastersizer

  • THC – xSight (Spheryx, Inc.)

  • Coulter Counter – MultiSizer, Spectradyne nCS1

Support for additional data file formats is available free of charge – please contact Lumetics for additional information!

Downloadable Content

Learn more with each downloadable application note that provides a more detailed overview for advanced LINK functions and specific instrument instructions. This includes information on instrument mandatory import file types, raw curves included, and specific import method options. In addition, Lumetics provides an extensive built-in dashboard library within your LINK instance from LINK version and later. For development of custom dashboard/analysis templates, contact Lumetics.

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