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Lumetics experts provide support and training to our global clients. We provide supplementary downloadable material to help streamline your process. Let LINK do your heavy lifting!

Application Notes

Each downloadable application note provides a detailed overview for advanced LINK functions or specific instrument instructions. This includes information on instrument mandatory import file types, raw curves included, specific import method options, customized Dashboards/Tables for download, etc.

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LINK Customized Dashboards

These downloadable Analysis Dashboards are tailored to meet the most common needs of formulation and analytical scientists. Contact LINK experts to assist you in modifying or developing Dashboards that meet your teams’ specific requirements. Recommended to import dashboards to a small project (<1000 measurements) due to the large number of database changes per import. 

General Usability Dashboards for individual download below. Download entire Starter Pack here: click to download 

Particle Counter Dashboards for individual download below. Download entire pack here: click to download 

Customer Testimonials
Lumetics Customer Testimonial

“The Lumetics software is an incredible time-saver”

Lumetics Customer Testimonial

“You lead the industry in this respect and other companies should be more like Lumetics. Don’t change. Just making sure you know how much it is appreciated!”

Lumetics Customer Testimonial

“The Lumetics software has been great!  I was able to use it for the exact purpose for which I needed it.”

LINK Publications

Lumetics is helping biopharma scientists free their time and revolutionize the way they manage and analyze data. But don’t take our word for it — see the following publications referencing Lumetics LINK™.

  • Overcoming Challenges with Submicron Particle Quantification Using a Combined Approach via Orthogonal Technologies – 2019, November: J, Conner (Pfizer)
  • Aspects of silicone separation in protein-silicone mixtures using S-factor-style electronic filter – 2019, July: E, Torres (Pfizer) click to view publication 
  • Separation, Characterization and Discriminant Analysis of Subvisible Particles in Biologics Formulations – 2019, March: Z, Akhunzada (BMS) click to view publication
  • Contribution of Intravenous Administration Components to Subvisible and Submicron Particles Present in Administered Drug Product – 2019, March: M, Pollo., E, Torres (Pfizer) click to view publication 
  • S-Factor Optimization for MFI using Lumetics LINK – 2018, July: E, Torres (Pfizer) click to view publication 
  • Development of orthogonal NISTmAb size heterogeneity control methods – 2018, March: A, Turner (MedImmune, NIST) click to view publication 
  • Analytical Technique Comparisons using LINK – 2015, November: C. Merchant, D. Thomas (Lumetics) click to view publication 
  • Application of LINK for Automated Stability Studies – 2015, July: C. Merchant, D. Thomas (Lumetics) click to view publication
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